Plain Dahi (दही)

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About Verka Dahi: Verka Dahi is made from pasteurized milk and packed in advance Dahi packing facilities. Made from pasteurized toned milk with 10.5% SNF, Verka Dahi meets the requisite FSSAI standards. It is ideal for daily consumption as it provides calcium for strong bones and teeth. It provides protein for active life and growth and helps in improving digestion. Verka Dahi is ideal for making raita, karrhi, lassi, butter milk, dahi bhalla, dahi chaat and marination of vegetarian and non vegitarian dishes. Verka dahi is perfect to be consumed with paranthas.

Packing*:     Poly Pack: 250 g & 500 g
                          Polystyrene Cups: 100 g, 150 g 200 g, 400 g
                          Matka: 500 g, 5 kg & 15 Kg

                   *The above variants may be selectively available across all districts of Punjab and in selective districts of Himachal Pradesh & Haryana.

Product specifications:
Ingredients:      Milk ,Milk Solids & Active Lactic Culture.
Composition:   MILK SNF (min): 10.5%
                         MILK FAT (min): 3.0 %


- Dairy

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